Monday, April 29, 2013

Top Five Reasons You Should Take a Service Learning Class

1. You want a different and exciting way to learn.

By immersing yourself in a meaningful project that relates to what you’re learning in class, you’ll immediately see the practical applications of what you learned and are more likely to retain the knowledge.

2. You want to meet new people.

When I am put into a position where communication with peers is necessary to complete a goal, getting social becomes a whole lot easier. Service Learning puts you in an environment where it’s okay – nay, encouraged – to meet new people.

And let’s not forget to mention the benefits of forming relationships in college. These connections are good on so many levels, including (but not limited to) a frantic late night text asking “Is the midterm paper due tomorrow?!”, being referred for a new job, or simply being asked out for coffee.

3. As a student planning to transfer, you want to make yourself a more desirable college applicant.

College Application Tip #1: Your application should make you look as versatile and productive as possible.

Besides your grades, colleges love to see that you went above and beyond the call of action, and there’s no better way to show them than to do something to support your community! With Service Learning you can serve in your community and get college credit - at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

4. You want to open yourself up to internship opportunities.

If you’re already thinking about career experience, getting your foot in the door with non-profits by doing Service Learning ensures that you’ll be among the first in line for any new internships the organization makes available – and you’ll also have a killer reference if you apply for an internship somewhere else. Remember: making yourself a potential candidate means you’ll have to work hard to show you’re worthwhile you’re doing your Service Learning, so no sleeping on the job!

5. You want to help your local community.

Part of the reason Service Learning works as a win-win-win for the school, for the community partner, and for you is that non-profits rely on volunteers to fulfill their mission and colleges want to engage their students. But it’s also a win because we – college students – want to help change our world for the better – and it just so happens that college students often make the best volunteers;  we’re energetic, forward-thinking, and offer unique solutions to problems.